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Imagine this .... you are on vacation, relaxing on a beach. Meanwhile, a water valve starts to leak in your office or home. What a mess when you return from vacation! However, if you have our security system, you would receive a text message from your security system, alerting you to the water leak. You can call a trusted neighbor to go to your home to check it out, remotely disarm your alarm, and even raise your garage door to let him in. Afterwards, lower the garage door and rearm your system, all by text message without revealing your alarm code and all without ever leaving the beach.

With SERVICE SECURITY TECHNOLOGIES, INC. your security professional, we'll work with you to create a sophisticated security system tailored to your business' size & security needs and that makes your home or business run more efficiently....all with a text message and your existing appliances & mechanicals:

  • Remote Arm/Disarm of alarm as well as status updates
  • Notifications of who is arming and disarming your alarm & when they do so
  • Water detectors let you know if you have water on your floors or basement
  • Control heat/AC by text message - very handy when returning home from vacation. Have your home at a comfortable temperature when you arrive without sacrificing energy savings while you are away
  • Hi/Lo Temperature sensors send a text message to you if your home's temperature gets too high or too low
  • Raise and lower your garage doors from anywhere you can send a text
  • Control interior & exterior lighting
  • Turn sprinkler systems on and off
  • Turn on hot water heater or appliances remotely
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SERVICE SECURITY TECHNOLOGIES is fully insured, and is licensed as a Private Alarm Contractor Agency by the State of Illinois Department of Professional Regulation
License # 127-001243, WI D.O.C. License No:1120177

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We're the right security company for you.

From one of our bank customers:

My biggest concern was how good of a picture from the video surveillance I would get if I needed one in a crisis. You gave me numbers of customers to contact so we could go see the equipment that your company had already installed and that gave me a great comfort level. Someone can tell you the quality will be there but until you see it there are doubts. 

Your company took care of everything with the IT personnel of our bank and that was seamless. There was very little interruption of daily business when the surveillance installation was going on. I find your Open-Eye video surveillance system very reliable and easy to use.